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Lens testing

  • Testing any objectives MTF
  • Testing any objective distortion

Lens Design and Prototype Development

  • Optical System Parameters Calculation:
  • Dimensional (system magnification, aperture, radii].
  • Image aberrations - image quality parameters – coma, distortion, astigmatism.
  • Energy (energy loss in lenses-prisms, sensitivity of CCD and CMOS sensors).

Mechanical design:

  • 3D Modeling (Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks);
  • Drawings made in AutoCAD, Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks;
  • Detailed drawings, fits and tolerances;
  • Development of assembly and calibration methods;
  • Preparation of user manuals and acceptance test documentation;
  • Patent search.
  • Development of video camera prototype for a particular body configuration.

Design of electronic control devices based on FPGA, DSP: 

  • Electronics (imbedded programming, digital signal processing and PC boards prototyping);
  • CMOS Sensor controller;
  • Video signal board;
  • Flash memory card recording board;
  • Control board;
  • Mini video monitor board.


  • 3D models and sectional views development
  • Objective body modeling

Prototype  testing

  • Test article production
  • Objective test article production
  • Component testing:
  • Objective prototypes;
  • Video camera prototypes.
  • Development of control and video monitor boards
  • Video camera prototype testing
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